Fine Carpet Cleaning

Porter’s Carpet Cleaners is the area leader in fine carpet cleaning. Our highly trained personnel specialize in cleaning all kinds of carpet. When we arrive, we will inspect your carpet and identify any stains or areas that need special attention. If any areas require pre-treatment, it will be taken care of. At your request, we can move Most furniture such as tables, chairs and sofas. Your furniture and clean carpet will be protected with disposable blocks or tabs when the furniture is replaced after cleaning. You can expect minimal drying time after our cleaning process and will be enjoying your clean carpet within a few hours. Our professional Carpet Cleaning removes indoor allergens and pet dander therefore improving the air quality in your home. As an additional service, we offer stain protection for your carpet. The product can be applied during your scheduled cleaning service. Stain protection creates a barrier to repel against stains and spills and it keeps your carpet looking clean and new for longer.

Give us a call today, and let Porter’s Carpet Cleaners preserve the beauty of your carpet and give your home or business a polished look.